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Vanessa E. Salazar, iphm Psychic Medium, Holistic Practitioner & Paranormal Investigator Vanessa Salazar Psychic Medium


Vanessa has been my biggest cheerleader for many years! Without her pushing me and seeing in me what I couldn't, I don't feel I would be where I am today in my business. Spirit put in in the right place at the right time. I met Vanessa while helping another medium friend at a show, who has since passed. While observing her interacting with her clients at this show, I knew that she was the real deal! Immediately I signed up to get a reading from her. After the reading, I felt very drawn to get a healing session as well, so we set it up for the following morning. After that session, she spoke to me about working with me as a mentor. She came to my home several times to channel messages from spirit. The messages from spirit helped me align with my true life path of being a healer. With her guidance and support, I was finally able to start working on my own clients and ended up starting a business! Currently, I am leaning on her for mediumship guidance to help me get to the next level in my business. Again, she is pushing me through self doubt and directing me to the easiest path. She is one of the only people that I will trust with my energy and business. If you are looking for a true mentor and guiding light, Vanessa is by far the best choice!

Many blessings,

Owner Andie (Andrea) Combs

I can honestly and enthusiastically recommend Vanessa based on my positive experience with her regarding the severe pain I was dealing with in my knee. At the time I saw Vanessa knee replacement surgery was already a given but the day to day pain had become almost unbearable in the meantime. Full disclosure: Vanessa is a friend, but I had never personally experienced her abilities firsthand. When I laid down on the treatment table I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What followed was one of the most memorable and beneficial experiences I’ve ever had. During the process I felt unseen hands manipulating the bones and structure of my knee. Vanessa did not physically touch me. In all honesty it was at times somewhat painful, but there was no doubt work was being done. When I got up off the table results were immediate. I felt much better and my friends commented that I looked more at ease and was walking without pain for the first time in weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that Vanessa helped me that day. In fact, we still talk about it almost every time we see each other.



What a wonderful time we had with Vanessa this weekend!

I have been a devoted fan of Vanessa's for 7 years traveling from Nashville TN to Columbus Ohio to receive her special Angel Blessings and powerful energy healings!

She has also helped many lost Spirits cross over to the Light and finally be at peace.

Her private healing sessions are exceptional!

She channels from above and helps you become a better version of yourself!!

She is a vessel for Angels that bring Grace to your heart and Soul.

You feel and know an inner peace as she guides you to a higher state.

This authentic and gifted woman is a wonder!

I can't wait to enjoy an uplifting weekend with you again!

Joanne Aronis

Vanessa is amazing and I always trust her guidance. She has given me several readings including once when she knew I was pregnant before I told anyone else or anyone else could have known. She saw a pink spiral above me and turns out it was a girl!

Vanessa is always spot on and has great advice. She has even helped me to develop my own intuition and given tools to use everyday. Every time I talk with Vanessa I learn something new. She really leads by example with their actions. I am so fortunate to have met her and truly thank my angels for leading me to her. Thank you Vanessa for being awesome.

Natalie T.

"Wow where can I start! So I am going to break this up in 2 parts;

I remember when we first met, it was a short time after my husband passed and all Vanessa had was his ring to feel his presence. I was having these clairvoyant visions and didn't understand why, even my curtains moved (I had NEVER SEEN ANYTHING like this before, so it freaked me out). When she connected with him, everything she was saying matched up to the dreams I was having, and I didn't even tell her about my dream. Because my cousin was living with me at the time she stated that my hubby was not a fan and why he wasn't in great detail that ONLY I would know because I knew his personality. I could go on and on, but it gave me comfort that he was still watching over me and that she was on the money when she told me about his personality in which he was a very detailed and protecting man in life.

2nd I had felt suicidal and or wanted to give up on life for about 2 or so weeks, it came upon me quick and there was no reason for me to feel depressed and I was taking the adequate vitamins for my energy and synergy. I called her on an emergency and she came through quickly. While doing a session on me I am not even kidding, it felt like one of those shows when you see people's leg twitch and their mouth opening and I DIDN'T THINK that kind of stuff was real, but it DID happen to me! After the session was completed, I am not even shyting you, I felt like my old self (but with more energy), and I felt 100 pounds lighter. She said I had 3 attachments and she had done a session before on me and that had NEVER happened! With the advice she gave me afterwards I NEVER had that happen again and it has been at least 3 years! Let's just say I have had other people do energy work on me before I met her and never got the benefits from them. Not that they didn't know what they were doing, it's just the fact they didn't help me, but Vanessa did, so I am thankful.


I have seen Vanessa for Mediumship Readings and she never disappoints, always tells me just what I needed to hear!

Michele R.

I have received not only readings, but also energy bodywork from Vanessa. I encourage anyone wanting to receive messages/assistance from your spirit guides to have a reading with her! The energy bodywork she offers speaks for itself with how beneficial it is when an energy realignment is needed. An experience that you should have for yourself!

Teresa Caruso

In 2017, we found our dream house. The first time we toured it, my husband and I, without sharing with the other, pictured our furniture, our family in this home. We knew it was meant to be ours. Shortly after we moved in, we started losing things like spoons, hairbrushes, even shoes. Most of these things we’ve never found. We had a toddler, toddlers throw things away. I didn’t think a lot of it.
Over time, other things started happening. They were small things like I would hear my husband walking down the stairs only to realize that he wasn’t home. Eventually it got scary. I would wake up, typically between 2:30 and 3:30 am and see someone standing beside my bed. On the occasions when I didn’t hide my head under the blankets, I would lie in bed watching people walk through my bedroom into the closet. My husband didn’t see any of this and I was afraid he thought I was losing my mind. Several stressful things had happened in our family so I was afraid of the same thing to be honest. I finally said aloud one day, “Please let Jeff see you. I don’t want him to be scared, but I want him to know I’m not crazy.” A few nights later, Jeff saw a little girl come out of the wall, make eye contact with him, then appear to get sucked back into the wall. I was seeing these spirits nearly every night. Often a little girl would stand beside my bed and ask for her Momma. I was afraid to go to sleep. I dreaded bedtime, but my biggest fear was for our daughter. She was 5 and started making comments about people in her room. I was ready to move out of our dream house.
We met Tri C Ghost Hunters at an event and shared what was happening at our home. A group of them came to investigate our house, and that group included Vanessa. They did an investigation and the group helped Vanessa do a cleansing of our home. For a short time, the activity in our home stopped, but gradually built up again to a level that left me again ready to leave my home. My husband reached out to the group to let them know were still having “visitors”. Vanessa agreed to come back but strongly encouraged us to have a priest bless our home before her return. We followed her recommendation.
Then Vanessa returned to our house. She spent time interviewing us and that’s when I casually mentioned that my mom had passed away and her ashes were in a drawer right beside where we were talking. She was kind, compassionate but firm that we needed to get my mom’s remains out of our house immediately. She made a great point about the remains. “That’s a dead person!” I hadn’t made the connection. She did a cleansing on each of us and the house. She spent several hours here saying prayers in each room, cleansing with several things: sage, protection candles, Florida water, etc. She left us with prayers that we still say daily and other tools to let us feel safe in our home. Since then, we have had absolutely no paranormal activity in our home. The level of gratitude we have for Vanessa is immeasurable. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Vanessa, we would have had to leave the neighborhood and the home we love.

Jackie and Jeff

"Every time I've gone to see Vanessa, I walk away more connected to my energy centers with some new insights coming through. One of the most memorable times was when she administered the Arcturian electrical healing and it felt like pure energy was running through my body! Also, I'll forever remember the IET beginner/intermediate class we had. After the class was over, I had never felt such STRONG feelings of wellbeing, completeness, and satisfaction. It was awesome!"


Offering Vanessa for psychic mediumship readings at our shop is always filled with great energy! It's a wonderful feeling knowing you're offering such a caring & gifted reader for your customers. She has also taught various workshops for connecting with your Spirit Guides & Angels that have been so beneficial. We love having Vanessa at our shop & collaborating with her!


Michele & Teresa